Friday, December 4, 2009

Peace : Presence : Love

I feel that I have grown so much in the last few years. I thought that it might be nice to document my growth and change over time. This is sort of my way of plotting my life on an X and Y axis. The function and variables that define me have become clearer- yet I know that in life I will be continuously learning and thus steepening the slopes of the tangent lines to my curve of life. I know, I am a geek. But we all are.

I invite you to read my not-so-secret diary. Really I write this to provoke thought, inspire others, create relatedness. We are all linked by a common breathe. I invite you to see yourself in my writing and think about how it applies to you. Feel free to comment or share your own experiences and thoughts. Today I want to share with you a letter I wrote to a friend:

It has been some time since we have spoken. I am sorry I haven't been in touch with you. Today I felt sad. Then I remembered who I am and what I stand for. Who I am in this world is undying selfelessness. So there is no need for me to feel sad for myself as it only feeds my own ego. Now instead I feel inspired so I decided to write you as I knew you would get it.

My Opa passed last week. He died in my arms. I held his hand and watched his soul leave his body. I am so priviledged that he chose me. In Hindu religion, they believe that if a loved one dies in your presence, their soul will come back as your child. If this is the case, I will be so honored that his legacy will continue as I will have an enlightened child with an old soul. He was a very spiritual man and I am so lucky to have been able to receive so much contribution from him over my lifetime. He devoted his life to enriching others' lives, ridding ego, creating peace, spreading positive energy.

More than ever do I feel that I was born for a big purpose. I was meant to be so much bigger than what I see myself as. Not in the sense of ego, but through devotion and giving. I really do feel that I can make a difference in this world for humanity, for all living creatures.
Love always,


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